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February 27, 2008


What’s Really in a Name?

by in Ramblings on February 27, 2008 @ 11:09 pm

Back in December I released a WordPress plugin called Benjamin Sterling Galleries that was pretty good. Then a friend suggested that I should change the name because it was a bit “ego” driven and would not really grab anyones attention. I told him I liked that name, but would be open to suggestions. He had none.

A few weeks had gone by and I was in the process of redoing the plugin to add some features and remove some things that made zero sense and I thought since it was going to be a much bigger release that I should consider a name change. After brainstorming for a bit I came up with PhotoXhibit and thought it was ok, but did not think the public would. But I stuck to my guns away and submitted a request for the plugin to be put on WordPress’ plugin directory.

The official release of PhotoXhibit was on 02/19/2008 at about 9pm EST and up till that point Benjamin Sterling Galleries had a total download of about 2,101 and that plugin was release about 12/06/2007 about 4pm EST. That is rough estimate of about 80 days between those two days and as of the writing of this post PhotoXhibit has 1,565 download. That is a difference of 536! And that is with out giving the link to anyone but a select few testers. (both are linked on so the those links offset each other)

So that leads me to the point of this post, what really is in a name? The plugin is more or less that same with some minor feature improvements.

Could the HD-DVD format have won if Blu-ray was not named Blu-ray?

Can a name really be that important? I would really love to hear your feedback and thoughts on this?

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2 Responses to “What’s Really in a Name?”

Ask anybody in marketing or television, and they will tell you that yes, a name really is that important. But, if we go way back to VHS versus BetaMax, we will remember that some factors can override the name. Also an interesting note, the last stroke that fell before HD-DVD was officially dead: pornography distributors pulled out, the same thing that killed BetaMax…

(using photoxhibit 2.0.10, didn’t find any of your others through wordpress)

Welcome to the world of branding! As someone in advertising and marketing I can say with complete confidence that a name can make or break a product. For example, when you hear the word “prunes” what images immediately come to mind? Nothing that gets you excited about eating them, right? Now, what if you heard “California dried plums”? Sounds appetizing doesn’t it? Makes you curious as to what exactly is a dried plum? Well, a prune and a dried plum are exactly the same thing. The only difference is that changing the name changed a declining market into a growing one.

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