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PhotoXhibit Faq


General Questions

When I view a category/archive/search the post that has the gallery on it shows code that looks like “(function($){$(document).ready(function(){$(”#px10?).jqGalViewII({});});})(jQuery);”, why does it show this code and where are my images?

I am not a 100% percent on this, but WordPress seems to scrub each post and creates an excerpt of your post, usually about 100 words, for those pages. And if your post does not have 100 words before the gallery, it will spit out the code. So the fix would be one of three things, make sure you have text before the gallery, make sure you have excerpt text or alter your themes to show full post instead of excepts.

Does your plugin download the photos from my Flickr/Picasa/SmugMug accounts?

No, the plugin will simply reference those image/photos that you already have uploaded to any of those services.

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