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How to Use (Options)

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After installing PhotoXhibit you will have the ability to set some basic options to make your life easier while working with this WordPress plugin.

After you click on “PhotoXhibit” in your WordPress admin area click on “Options.” This will bring you to a page that looks like below:

On this tab you will be able to select what services you want to show while building your galleries. So if you have not use for SmugMug, simply check “No” and then “Submit Changes” and this service will not be an option on the “Build Gallery” page. Repeat this step for all the services you don’t want, you can always come back a check “Yes” to have them as an option again.

On the “Flickr Params” tab you will have the option to add an API key, one or more User IDs, and one or more Photoset IDs.

An API key is needed for the more advance function of building a gallery and you can retrieve one from Flickr Services.

To get your Flickr ID you will need to take a look at your RSS feed URL and take note of the set of numbers and letters after “id=”, take a look at the screenshot to understand what I mean.

More to come…

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