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v2.1 - 03.23.2008
- Bugfix : double images when using thickbox
- Added : better descriptive text to build gallery and manager page
- Bugfix : Missing code for DIV structures
- Added : an alternative for multiple uploading if flash is not currect or producing 403 errors
- Removed : Browse option from services
- Removed : Use large image from build gallery page
- Added : Large image sizes to the "thumbnail" selectors on build gallery page
- Added : Ability to add PhotoXhibit to the blog-roll
- Added : automatically grabbing album ids for picasa and smugmug when using dropdown
- Bugfix : alt text not showing up
- Bugfix : alt text foreign characters not encoding correctly
- Added : the ability to turn of the ajax version of the edit styles
- Added : new plugin jqshuffle, lightbox ba edition
- Updated : plugins thickbox, jqGalView, jqGalViewII, jqGalScroll

v2.0.10 - 03.04.2008
- Changed - Styles and Js for the LightBox Plugin to call image via CSS not JS
- Added - The ability to turn of the slider in Build Gallery
- Added - Translation Code
- Added - Code to prevent viewing any of the page parts directly
- Changed - the way the plugin creates folders by usings WPs default function
- Added - some checks for safe_mode and posted direction text if it is on
- Chanded - Made it so that the code does not get printed out on the archive and category pages

v2.0.9 - 03.02.2008
- Bugfix : incorrect path for jquery

v2.0.8 - 03.01.2008
- Bugfix : local calls not calling
- Bugfix : incorrect path for jquery
- Added : the ability to edit the alt text for any given gallery's photos
- Added : some checks for GD support

v2.0.7 - 02.29.2008
- Updated : jQuery Framework to 1.2.3
- Updated : jQuery UI to 1.5b
- Bugfix : The two updated fixed issues of sorting and "add all" for opera

v2.0.6 - 02.28.2008
- Bugfix : Album call for build gallery was calling jsonp not json
- Bugfix : Incorrect paths for Album Manager

V2.0.5 - 02.26.2008
- Removed : All Ajax communication to the server when calling a service
do to global compatibility between servers
- Bugfix : Path to images in lightbox.js
- Removed : Support for basic SmugMug, advanced is actually easier
- Added : Do Respect links to about page for classes being used
- Bugfix : Edit not processing images correctly

V2.0.4 - 02.23.2008
- Change : Changed the way the error message is displayed
- Added : Some text that will show if allow_url_fopen is on or off and
then give notice
- Changed : Some text through for better directions/information
- Changed : Some JavaScript code to accomidate people with allow_url_fopen off
- Removed : The need for the end user to get a SmugMug API key
- Bugfix : Fixed values not showing when editing gallery

V2.0.3 - 02.21.2008
- Bugfix : jQuery forces a JSONP call when the url for an AJAX is a full one
had to recode to be able to use /urlroot/wp-content/...

V2.0.2 - 02.20.2008
- Bugfix : Adding Margin-left to the px_gut styles to make IE happy
- Added : Support for Flickr Photoset RSS feed
- Added : Support for Flickr Tags RSS feed
- Bugfix : Fixed database issue which was making the album builder fail
- Change : Changed the Albums table version number to force install
- Change : Changed the install/upgrade functions
- Added : Support for Custom SmugMug RSS feed links

V2.0.1 - 02.20.2008
- Bugfix : Added missing include file

V2.0 - 02.19.2008
- Bugfix : Missing default value for Album sortorder in sql code
- Bugfix : Changed WINABSPATH to ABSPATH because was not working as expected
- Bugfix : Changed file name of jqModal to jqmodal.js
- Bugfix : Used a JavaScript reserved word and IE called me on it
- Bugfix : Fixed some incorrect text
- Bugfix : Added more description text

V2.0rc2 - 02.17.2008
- Added : Missing JSON processing for SmugMug Advance feature
- Added : Image count for SmugMug album list
- Bugfix : Fixed lightbox and thickbox not working correctly on preview

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