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February 17, 2008


PhotoXhibit RC2 released, a call for testing

by in Plugin,Wordpress,Wordpress plugin on February 17, 2008 @ 11:46 pm

As some of you may know I have been working on adding a bunch of functionality to my WordPress plugin BSG and with many sleepless nights and countless hours (203) I have release beta 2 of the plugin under the new name PhotoXhibit.

Why the name change, “Benjamin Sterling Galleries” was just so darn catchy? Ummm… it wasn’t! BSG was originally built for my wife and after showing it to a few friends, who in turn showed to a few of their friends, the feedback and suggestions that were given kinda forced me to add to it. First I added the ability to communicate with Picasa, then to Flickr, the Default WordPress image/file manager, and now to SmugMug as well as the newly build Album Manger with multiple upload, multiple thumbnail support. As well as many other new features that I really can’t list, I just could not leave it with such an egotistical, no descriptive name. So now we have PhotoXhibit, isn’t that nicer?

I can ramble on forever, but this is not the time so go and download, test and give me feedback.

The download link
Please to leave feedback and report bugs

I am working on documentation and some screen casts, but if you are good with words and would like to help with docs, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Well, that’s it, go… go, test away, let me know what you think.

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10 Responses to “PhotoXhibit RC2 released, a call for testing”

Hello. I think I have downloaded your latest version on 24th of Feb and thanks for your work.

It seems that everything goes well till to the last step. After I builded the gallery catagory, it appears nothing at my page. I have try to paste these codes to diffierent pages including some .php files in my theme folder and also the defined pages. Another piece of codes to used in the post is not working also. I am thinking if it’s the problem of these codes. I even already can see the preview of the gallary and it’s very nice. Could you please check what is the problem and how to fix it.

My website


Sorry you are having an issue, I looked at your site and see that it is building the wrapping structure, just not the structure of the images. When you go to edit the gallery, do you see the images there?

Yes. I do can see all the images and the preview of the gallery when I build and manage it. Actually I successed in every process just nothing appears at the end.

By the way. I am using the photos from my Picasa account, if there someting special to note? Actually I am very excited at this function because I don’t need to waste my cyber space and upload all the photos again. I would really to appriciate for your great job.

That is very odd and really can’t come up with any reason why that may be happening. Is it possible for you to set me up with access so I can see if there is something going wrong that is not noticeable? You can email me off list at benjamin.sterling [at], thanks.


I have already send you the information for you to access via email. Please check it and thanks for your kind asistant.

I think I see what the issue is and I thought I had gotten that working, but I guess there are other settings a server needs that I don’t know about. I am working on the fix now, if you don’t mind, I will test it out on your server sometime tonight and use that page that you created as the demo.

Thanks for a great plug in. But i seem to have little problem with the thickbox popup, my photo seems to display twice. So, i greatly appreciate if you can give me direction on how to fix this problem. Thanks again.

That is an issue with Thickbox me and another developer just noticed on another project. We are getting with the developer of that plugin to see what the fix will be. I will update when I have something.

Dear Benjamin

Do you have any result on the study of my problem? You may feel free to use the information that I gave you to access my space and help me to fix this plugin.

Thanks. Terence

Dear Benjamin,

Thanks for getting back to me on the issue. I found another problem with the image size. Everything looks fine on Firefox, but on IE7, some images looks strangely smaller than others, could that be because of their original size?

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