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September 15, 2007


jQuery: jqAmungUs ( widget)

by in Javascript,jQuery,jQuery Plugin on September 15, 2007 @ 9:51 pm

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The jqAmungUs widget is a jQuery plugin that will aide as an alternative to the visitor stats icon and will give more detail to who is currently on your site and alternatively whose been on your site and where they came from (as far as country is concerned).

The set up is pretty simple:

Add some code to the head of your web page:

  1. <script type="text/javascript" src="../common/js/jquery-1.2.js"></script>
  2. <script type="text/javascript" src="common/js/jqAmungUs.js"></script>
  4. <script type="text/javascript">
  5.  $(document).ready(function(){
  6.     $("#whos").jqAmungUs({
  7.         siteKey:"1cbz6ztl"  });
  8.  });
  9. </script>

And create the div you want to the data to load to:

  1. <div id="whos"></div>

And you will get:

Or, you can add the type param and set it to map and get:


The jqAmungUs Plugin is available at:

The jqAmungUs server side is available at:PHP and ASP.

The jQuery core is available at:


Support for the jqGalView Plugin is available through the jQuery Mailing Listand the comment section below.

Please post a link to the site you are using this plugin for and a brief desciption so I can see what others are doing with the plugin.

This documentation is maintained by Benjamin Sterling. Post comments or questions below.

Code Notes

  1. /*
  2.  * jQuery AmungUs Plugin
  3.  * Examples and documentation at:
  4.  *
  5.  * @author: Benjamin Sterling
  6.  * @version: 1.0
  7.  * @requires jQuery v1.1.2 or later
  8.  *
  9.  *  09/15/2007:
  10.  *      Initial Release
  11.  *
  12.  * @name jqAmungUs
  13.  * @example $('#amungus').jqAmungUs(siteKey:"adfadsfasdf");
  14.  *
  15.  * @param   String siteKey
  16.  *              this is the site key you get from
  17.  *              and must be set
  18.  *
  19.  * @param   String type
  20.  *              two options here, either whos or map, whos will give
  21.  *              you who is currently on your site and map with give
  22.  *              you the most recents visits and where they are from
  23.  *
  24.  * @param   String pathToServerSide
  25.  *              The path to the server side sript you are using to
  26.  *              pull in the info.
  27.  *
  28.  * @param   Int interval
  29.  *              How often should the call be made?
  30.  *
  31.  * @param   String lang
  32.  *              This will be the extentsion of the serverside script
  33.  *              whether it is asp, php, and so on, as long
  34.  *              as the actual page name is jqAmungUs.
  35.  *
  36.  * @param Function callback
  37.  *              A callback function for after the data is called in.
  38.  */
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6 Responses to “jQuery: jqAmungUs ( widget)”

Hi Benjamin,

Very cool use of jQuery! I launched about 25 days ago and we do something similar by providing a real-time feed of activity on your site. We include where visitors arrive from and which pages are viewed but we also provide exit clicks i.e. which text is clicked when a user leaves the site.

Our geographic data is also city level data.


Mark Maunder.

That is pretty sweet, I think I came across you site a few weeks back on digg. Really nice work.

This widget was just a small project to flex my coding and writing muscles, as you can see I am not all that great with documentation, so these little widgets help me figure out where I need to focus.

Anyway, great site, I will be finishing up my redesign in the coming weeks and most likely will be utilizing your scripts.


It’s sad, but true: there is no PHP code provided, just HTML output.. Could you please provide a PHP code? Thank you!

Thats very odd; it is still being parse with a .txt extension. I fixed the link it should work now.

Great work benjamin so thanks.


  1. wo kann man gratis filme runterladen?

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