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October 21, 2007


jqGalViewIII (proof of concept)

jqGalViewIII Overview

Note: I did a re-layout of the site and the plugin belows styles have not been adjusted yet, I hope to get to it soon.

Here we have yet another photo / image gallery, except at this point it is only a proof of concept. I see a ton of photo galleries in Flash and see a lot of effects that just can’t be done in JavaScript, but a ton of effects that can be achieved. This one is nothing fancy and not fully tested, but when I have more time I may take is some other features that are present in my other plugins in to this one.

Anyway, here it goes, please feel free to post any feedback. Not sure if I will take this plugin anywhere, but if there is interest, I may.

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29 Responses to “jqGalViewIII (proof of concept)”

I prefer not to have effects, as they only slow down the interface =)

I partially agree, but if the code is done right and if things are optimized, not over done, some effects can be very good. I particularly feel that every effect should fail nicely if javascript is turned off. My plugin (I hope) do this.

this is a really good example of a good implementation of javascript power, letme congratulate you, really nice example, and fast too

Nice plugin! However, I have 22 questions :)

– What about pictures of a different size / vertical layout, etc?…
– Is there a slideshow option?


Oke, I meant 2 lol :D

Mike: Sadly I have not had time to advance this plugin past what it is now, I have not really done a bunch of testing for it. But to answer your question, you should be able to put what ever size image you want, if you are talking about thumbnails, then just edit the css to adjust for the larger size, if you are talking about the large image, it is bigger then the viewing area it will be resized to fit, if it is smaller it will just get positioned in the center.

Eventually there will be a slideshow option, but as it stands now, there is nothing built in.

nice plugin can anyone help how to implement this on my website bcoz im new to web developement

very nice in JS, bb is you baby?

I loved it..

there’s a bug to fix..
when you click on the picture that is currently selected.. the transition is executed.
but I think it’s supposed to do nothing in this case..
because the img isnt changing, and an other img appears in the background (and its not the previous img)

thank you

random crosfades between images is good idea

how can i download the source code of your plugin. this one (jqGalViewII). this is great by the way, can we use image thumbnail at the jqGalScroll?



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