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November 20, 2007


Benjamin Sterling Galleries: WordPress Photo/Image Gallery Plugin for Flickr & Picasa

by in jQuery,Photogallery,Plugin,Wordpress,Wordpress plugin on November 20, 2007 @ 12:47 am

New Version and Name Change

The “Benjamin Sterling Galleries” plugin has been renamed and recoded with a ton of new features. The new URL is and although support will still be given for this version (1.6.2) I would suggest you checking out PhotoXhibit

Comments for this post are closed, please go to PhotoXhibit for support.

What is it?

A godsend plugin for anyone who wants to add a photogallery to their website using WordPress and jQuery.

Download (current count: 1,810)

Download Benjamin Sterling Galleries Version 1.6.2


  • Pull in photos / images, thumbnail and large size, from just about everywhere

    • from flickr via rss or their json api
    • from picasa via rss
    • from a local folder
    • from photos / images already in the WordPress database
  • Ulilizes the jQuery JavaScript framework’s power and a ever growing list of great photogallery plugins
  • Drag and drop reordering of gallery images
  • Change functionality of your photogallery with few clicks of the mouse
  • Combine photos from multiple accounts and services
  • Embed your gallery in posts or anywhere on your site
  • Galleries are 508 compliant and will degrade nicely when JavaScripts are turned off
  • Preview your gallery on the fly



While wordpress does have a ton of image / photo galleries, I felt that none of them really gave you control over everything in an easy unobtrusive way. Not to say this this plugin is the is all be all, but it will get there.

In my hunt to find a good one for my wife and installing all the ones that I thought had what was needed, I found that none of them made it easy. My wife is a very smart woman, so when she gets frustrated with something it most likely not her. So after a few months of her beating me, I decided to build some jQuery gallery plugins which you can find on this site. This was able to keep her happy for a bit, but I had to go in and make changes everytime she wanted to add and image or take one out. After doing this a few times I decided to just put together a quick plugin that will take in the images via a picasa feed provided by her and let her do the changes her self.

After showing this plugin to a few other developers they suggested I should make it into a full fledge plugin and well, here it is.


  • WordPress 2.1 or higher
  • A Flickr account and api key or
  • A Picasa account or
  • Images in a local directory or
  • Images in your WordPress database


Although this plugin was test on a pc in IE6, IE7, FF2, and Opera 9.24 and on IIS6 PHP5, Apache PHP4 & PHP5 and feel comfortable that this plugin will work flawlessly, I am the creator of the plugin, thus, I am naturally going to use it the way it is supposed to be used and not have any issues. That is where you come in, any and all comments and concerns should be posted asap and I will build up a punch list of fixes. Also, if there are jQuery or even other Javascript libraries that have nice photo / image gallery plugins, let me know and I will see what I can do to add that into the mix.


Here is a brief timeline of what I hope to accomplish and in what order. There is no exact date for each release, but the time between each release should not be more then two months.

  • 1.2 current release
  • 1.3
    • Add more Picasa interaction
      • interactions tbd
  • 1.4
    • Add more control of the style for each jQuery photo gallery plugins
      • The thought is to possibly have all the styles embedded in the database
        and then have those styles transfer over when
        you create a gallery.
    • Add better control over parameters for jQuery photo gallery plugins
  • 1.5
    • Add the ability to change the alt text for each image no matter where
      the image is from

      • The thought is to possibly have an edit icon appear when mousing over
        an image


If you have ever installed a plugin, then this will be pretty easy.

  1. always back up your WordPress before making any modifications.
  2. Extract the files. Place the benjamin-sterling-galleries directory into wp-content/plugins/
  3. Login to the Site Admin and go to Plugins and active Benjamin Sterling Galleries
  4. Then it can be configured from the BSG menu that you should now have on the top menu bar.

More Info

Let me try to explain what this plugin actually does; it builds image galleries or photo galleries. Wow, I know, that was descriptive. But since you look like you are still puzzled by how it actually works, I will go into a little more detail. Say you have a Picasa photo album with all these really nice photos that you want to add to your site either in a post or in the side bar. But, you don’t want to use the “slideshow” feature that they provide. Well, with this plugin you simply use your rss feed link for your Picasa photo album and paste it into the lovely interface that is provided by the Benjamin Sterling Galleries plugin. Then you select what size thumbnails you want to preview and you click a button and wham, you have all your images/photos listed on the page. You double click on the ones you want to add to your gallery, you fill in some info, select the style of gallery you want and click another button and wham, you have a preview of the gallery that can be added to your WordPress. What? You have a Flickr account too? Well if you did not click the button to add you gallery yet, go a head and paste in the url to your Flickr rss feed and click the first button and there you go, a list of your Flickr photos. Double click on the ones you want and click build gallery and there you go, a photogallery with both your Flickr AND Picasa photos!

The other nice thing about this plugin is that you can re-order the images you want in your gallery. Simply click and drag the images you want to move around and put them wherever you want in the gallery.

Ok, with out rambling too much more, let me ask for your help. What do I need up with? Well, my instructions are very minimal, do I need more? I only have four photo / image gallery plugins installed, do I need more? If so, which ones do you like? And why? Is there a feature that is needed/that is missing? What is it?

The download link is below, please leave comments to help me make this plugin better.


My muse S.Sterling

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154 Responses to “Benjamin Sterling Galleries: WordPress Photo/Image Gallery Plugin for Flickr & Picasa”

You might want to rename the folder “benjaminSterlingGalleries” instead of “benjamin-sterling-galleries-0.7″. It took me a minute to realize why it wasn’t working after I uploaded the default named folder to my web server.

Thanks, I am still trying to figure out how they set things up over at workpress. I think I will change the folder structure all together because it keeps getting changed when I upload.

I will try to do that tonight, thanks.

I like your plugin and was wondering if you thought of adding the option to pull the pictures from a local directory instead of from Picass or Flickr?

That is one of my “I would like to do” elements for this plugin. I want to set up two more options, to pull in images from entered url and from what a user already has uploaded to their site. But I wanted to wait on putting any more additions into the plugin till I started getting feedback from people like you. Did not want to put in the effort if no one liked it.

If you have more suggestions, by all means, let me know. If I get more interest I will be working on the plugin more in January and updating the instructions.

can we see a demo somewhere? anyone using it want to show off?

@ovidiu: I guess a demo would have been useful, here if goes: UN/PW: test/test.

I’m trying to use this and think I have it setup OK but the function_exists(‘bsg_gallery’) returns false. Any ideas?

My directory is called benjaminSterlingGalleries and the script is called benjaminSterlingGalleries.php. I can’t see a function called bsg_gallery() anywhere in the code?

Cheers in advance.

Being the brilliant person that I am, I made changes to the code prior to the release and did not update BSG usage page, I will make that change and update the plugin.

There are actually a few more things that I notice that may make the gallery not display correctly, so I am going to make those fixes today and have them posted.

The changes will not require you to uninstall the plugin, so you will be able to keep what ever work you did already.

Sorry about this.

perfect plugin, I guess I will be using it for future projects as I love flickr and love galleries! thanks so much

Thanks Jez.

When I enable it, widgets drag’n drop don’t work anymore. Your plugin looks awesome, but a fix would be great. :P

That is not good at all, can you point me to the theme you are using so that I can test it out and see what I can do to fix it?

add me on msn, lunks at msn dot [ohmygod] com

i just try your gallery..
but i have some problem.. when im build gallery from picasa, plugins just stuck with comment
Loading your images, please wait…
im try with your website, it’s work..
what happend with my web.. :(

Hi, I have downloaded…, installed and activated the plugin.
If I post my RSS – URl, nothing happens. There is just this message “Loading your images, please wait…”
The URl is OK, I tried it successfully in your DEMO. Do I need to download something else?

Is it giving you any errors? What browsers are you using?

Just for you to know, any themes I’ve used do not work. It’s a problem regarding widget.

Thanks for the heads up, I am working on the fix right now. It seems to be the conflict between prototype and jQuery.

There are no errors. Nothing happens after klicking on Button. I see only that Message “Loading your images, please wait…”, but I think it will not load anything. Perhaps, my host does not supply that plugin? Am I the only one, who have such a problem? An error Message would be helpful, if The Images could not be read, or smething.

I have installed BSG and created a gallery from Picasa. In the BSG window it works great!

Two things, however:
Drag and drop of widgets is disabled.
The code listed under BSG usage gives an error (unexpected :) and the sidebar does not display.
Wordpress 2.3.1, Heckerpad 10 theme originally.

I like this gallery better than any I’ve seen, but I cannot get it to work in my sidebar.

Thanks for all your work on this. I like where you have gone with it.

@dsbach: Thanks for the great feedback, I am working on fixes for both of those issues right now, hopefully will have a fix tonight.

@yj: is it possible you can set me up with a temporary login to view plugin on the admin side? Email me at benjamin.sterling [at] kenzomedia [dot] com if you can. I would like to be able to see the problem outright.


Email has been sent.

Good luck! And Thanks!


@David: thanks for the info, I see what the issue is with the sidebar function. I need to play with the code a little more to take some things into account.

Thank you, Benjamin!


conflict with Admin Supermenu plugin who is neutralized


testing further

wordpress/wp-content/plugins/benjamin-sterling-galleries/benjaminSterlingGalleries.php on line 136

error message with the new 1.0 version?

Hi, I don’t really know, if it works for me. But is it possible, to save the xml File on my host and try to load it then? Perhaps there is a Problem with reading the xml on a different host?
What do I have to change, if I want to read out a URl like.. … ?

The plugin is set up to take in JSON formated information from picasa and flickr and with the most recent release, it takes what is currently in your database. So basically the plugin takes the flickr or picasa rss url and changes it to point to the JSON formated information and then parses it. So unless you upload every photo that is in the xml file you are referring to to flickr, picasa or to your wordpress, it won’t work.

Is this xml file from another photo system like flickr or picasa?

This xml file is from picasa.
I saved the rss page to my hard – drive. It automatically saves it as a xml file. then I uploaded the xml file to my webserver and entered the URL in the Galleries Builder. But it doesn’t work with the patch to my uploaded xml file. It doesn’t work with this URl at your demo, too :).

I thought perhaps my host blocks reading files on different server, so I tried to read the rss/xml File at my webspace.. I can’t activate Akismet Plugin because of such kommunikation problem. Perhaps this is the reason, why the rss Url can’t be read.

It’s not so bad if the plugin does not work for me. I can use a different Gallery. It is just a good idea to use your plugin, because I save a lot of Webspace if I just link to my picasa pictures and I save a lot of time with multiple upload which you can use at picasa.

Perhaps someday the Plugin will work for me, too. :)

I am very curious why this is happening on your server. But all is not lost, we have a few options, some easy, some not so much.

The easy:
You can use my jQuery Album Parser plugin that will act in a similar way: Album Parser . You will need to edit your header.php file thru wordpress or with a visual editor, but you can add the jQuery framework as well as the Album Parser plugin and what ever gallery plugin you like that is on my site and use the same link to your picasa account.

Or you can hard code the path to your xml file directly into the plugin, I would suggest you update to the newest release of the plugin and go to /plugins/benjamin-sterling-galleries/common/inc/bsg.admin.php and change this function:

  1. function get_album_json($url = NULL){
  2.             $url = str_replace(array('rss_200','rss'),'json',$url);
  3.             if(strpos($url, 'flickr') === false){}
  4.             else{
  5.                 $url .= '&nojsoncallback=1';
  6.             }
  7.             return file_get_contents($url);
  8.         }


  1. function get_album_json($url = NULL){
  2.     $url = 'pathToXMLFile';
  3.     return file_get_contents($url);
  4. }

The other thing you need to do is go back to where you got your rss feed and instead of downloading the xml, you need to download the json feed. So change the url from “?kind=photo&alt=rss” to “?kind=photo&alt=json”.

Let me know which way you want and let me know if I can help more.


This plugin sure looks nice.
I have a problem though..
I have uploaded some images locally to my server and when I enter the path and chose locally I get the following error:
There seemed to be an error in the execution of the URL provided; please select another one and try again. If problem presists, please submit a bug.

Any ideas?

Thank you Benjamin,
I’m a little busy at the moment, but I will try it as soon as possible.

I see there is a new field “Locally “, you have build in an error Message, if there is a problem with the URL and there is no widget problem anymore.

Nice Work.

You don’t need to put a url into the url field if you are going to be grabbing images locally. I should probably make the more clear. Can you just check the local radio button with out adding a url and let me know if it works?

To use the Locally option, what goes in the URL field? and what folder should photos go in? I tried putting the folders location and also leaving it blank and it didn’t work. I got this :
There seemed to be an error in the execution of the URL provided; please select another one and try again. If problem presists, please submit a bug.


I am still trying to put together some good docs on the latest release, so I understand your frustration.

I just uploaded an change to the layout of that page so that it will make more sense. If you are using the “local” radio button, you do not have to provide a url. The plugin will look into the database for anything that is an attachment and either a jpg, png or gif and will display it. It will be going off the default WordPress thumbnail system.

Can you try the latest release (1.0.2) and let me know if that works. If it does not, can you let me know what version of WP you are using and if you have any other plugins that manipulate the way wordpress does it’s thumbnails and uploads?

I tried the latest release (1.0.2) and get this error message: There seemed to be an error in the execution of the URL provided; please select another one and try again. If problem presists, please submit a bug.

But it can be that it works fine for other people. There are so many options off in my phpInfo perhaps that is the reason.

I will try version 1.0.2 and let you know if it works. If I can make a suggestion, I would rather see it allow you to point to a specific directory so that other plugins or photo plugins will work.


@yj: I really can see why this would not be working on your server, you are running with php 5 which is my testing environment. I will touch base with you via email in a bit to see if we can work thru this issue if that is ok with you.

@Kevin: That was going to be my original course of action, but I could not think of a good way to get “alt” information. I think it will be pretty easy for me to set up, but as it stands now, there will not be any title/alt information. If you have any suggestion on how that may be achieved, I am open for suggestions.

It’s ok. I’am happy If this problem can besolved.
thank you

I have sent you a mail with some login data.
I hope it helps you a little, if you can make some tests on that server.

I looks like your server has URL file-access is disabled, which means, as it stands now, the plugin won’t. I am using file_get_contents to echo out the returned data from the feed you submit. I am working on an alternative method that should help in your situation but I am not sure if I would be able to get that down today. I will ping you want I do and maybe you can test it out for me.

Thank you very much for your work. You are spending a lot of time on this plugin. Take as much time as you need, there is no reason to hurry. But this is not the end of the world for me if it doesn’t work at the end. I am using a server, which has many restrictions. It borders on the miraculous if I find scripts which are working on that server. Don’t loose much time on finding a way to make it work for me, I feel guilty somehow if you do :)

@Kevin: I just implemented a directory transversing feature in the 1.1b release, would you mind testing it out an let me know what your thoughts are on it? You can get it at the download page for the plugin.

@vj: Version 1.1b also has what I posted to your server, just in case you wanted to grab that release.

I have not expected a working plugin this morning.
It seems, that all works fine for me now. I also tested Version 1.1b.
There is a 4th entry “BSG Dummy” at Version 1.1b, it needs a dummy.php, which does not exist. I guess, it is just a test entry which I don’t need.

Thank you very much. You did a great job.

Very cool plugin. I was looking for a plugin that would help me add a flickr photo that changes daily. I was able to import the flickr feed, but that only makes a static album. Is there some way your plugin can be used to just get a daily flick photo? I’m new to feeds and maybe there is a way to just subscribe to a feed for a photo.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

I tried to build a gallery from my Flickr gallery and it seems to be having a problem with my feed url. This is my feed url:

This is the error message:
There seemed to be an error in the execution of the URL provided; please select another one and try again. If problem presists, please submit a bug.

Error message when I tried to enter my Flickr RSS feed, shown below:
There seemed to be an error in the execution of the URL provided; please select another one and try again. If problem presists, please submit a bug.

I tested the url you provided and it worked fine, can you download and try the 1.1b release and let me know if that works for you. It seems that some servers don’t have php file functions enabled which is the basic functionality behind the plugin. 1.1b will execute alternate code if the server sends back an error for the file functions.

The plugin takes the url you provide and grabs each images information and inserts the selected images’ information into the database. So, to answer your question, no, it is not able to grab random images from your supplied feed.

This is actually a nice idea though; a person can supply a link to a feed and set up the basic params and then the plugin can set up a cron job to just update and randomize. I can probably work on something like that in th coming month, but no promises.

Benjamin – sorry for bombarding you with my problem (forgot about comment moderation). Downloaded the 1.1 and it briefly came up with the same error, then said it was working. It then loaded my ten most recent photos. Two questions: I am unable to drag and drop and is there any way for me to grab certain sets? My first ten photos aren’t ones I want to build a gallery with. Also, a couple are private.

What browser are you using that you can’t drag and drop?

As it stands now, the system will only grab what is in your rss feed that you provide at that moment. I am working on setting up more flickr related features, but there is still a lot for me to learn about what flickr offers (I use picasa as my default). If your sets allow for rss feed directly to that set, then just provide the feed url, I have not tested this myself, but it should work.

I’m using Firefox. When I refreshed, then I was able to do the double-click to move photos over. I’m going to have to scrutinize Flickr. When I first signed up, about 3 years ago, each set had a prominent RSS feed. Now it appears to be just a latest feed.

I may try my Picasa account as well.

How do I delete a gallery after I have generated it?

And what does the BSG Dummy do? Right now when I click on that link I just get two error warnings.

I am using a custom admin theme, don’t know if you need to know that or not.

Jeff: I am working on a new release that will add delete functionality, not sure when that will be exactly but it should be sometime in the coming month.

You must be working with the 1.1b release, I was testing some new features for yj and never removed it in the beta release. I am in the process of testing out 1.2 release that will remove the bsg dummy page and replace it with some extra Flickr specific functionality; that should go up tonight.

A custom theme should not matter, I am not using built in wordpress functions to call my javascript, so there should not be any conflicts, which is usually the case.

Yes, I downloaded and installed 1.1b.

I like this plugin, I hope you are able to develop it more and more as time goes on. Right now I am using kPicasa for WordPress, and although it puts all of my galleries nice into WordPress, my customization options are limited.

If you need help with testers, let me know.

Jeff: I am glad you like it, I had the same feelings, the other plugins seemed to restrictive. I do plan to develop it out as far as I can go, I will be posting a new/updated post later today which will include an estimated feature timeline/roadmap.

If you have time to test out the release I will be posting tonight, have a look at l.2b

Great news guys, I just updated to version 1.2 which adds a lot more features for those who have flickr. Please check it out and let me know how it works out for you.

I see the BSG Dummy is gone, like you said.

Everything worked fine for me, but is there something in particular you would like me to look at and test?

Using the Advanced Photoset choice, I’ve put in my API key, the photoset ID, but it isn’t grabbing my images. It also cycles through the following messages:

There seemed to be an error in the execution of the URL provided; please select another one and try again. If problem presists, please submit a bug.


Ok, got the data, going to process it now.

I saw the listed timeline now….looks like it is a simplified overview.

If it hasn’t been mentioned before, for Picasa users, it would be nice to have a “Select All” feature when generating the photos for a new gallery. Most of the time I would like to include all photos from the feed, and could skip double clicking each one to add them individually.

Aha! Figured out what was going on. In the set I was trying to access, there were two private photos. As soon as I changed the permissions on those two, then I could access the photos.

@jayne, glad you figured that out, I was trying to reproduce it and could not. Can you elaborate on the “private photos” issue? Were they in a group of other photos that were not private? If I can reproduce your situation I can probably build in an error checking for it.

@Jeff, I really like the “Select All” idea, let me see what I can do. I am also trying to finish up 1.3 stuff that relates to picasa. I think you may like; I will try to post a beta tonight if you are interested in having a look.

Jeff: I posted up the 1.3b version with changes for Picasa and the select all stuff Let me know your thoughts.

Benjamin – I had a set of 14 photos. The album was public, but it had two photos that were marked private. The set “cover” photo was one of the private photos. Maybe the plugin just got stuck there? Even if you can’t repeat it, maybe in your documentation for Flickr you could just put in a reminder to make sure the photos you’re trying to access are public.

Will you be adding in functionality to read the comments left on the individual photos in the Picasa albums?

And, I see that most of the gallery types are ones that you developed? Would you be open to adding in some of the other ones, like Lightbox and Highslide? For example, in the case of lightbox, have it display nicely like the bottom thumbnail portion of your jqGalViewII Gallery type, but have the photos come up like the Lightbox style…

I was appreciative of the fact that you added in “Select All” so quickly. If you would like some help writing documentation or something else, let me know and I will do what I can.

@jayne: Thanks for that feedback, I will see if I can build in test checks for that situation.

“Will you be adding in functionality to read the comments left on the individual photos in the Picasa albums?”
Not sure how that would fit into the “gallery” structure, can you elaborate on your thoughts? Maybe some examples?

“I see that most of the gallery types are ones that you developed? ”
Of course, mine are the best :)

“Would you be open to adding in some of the other ones, like Lightbox and Highslide? For example, in the case of lightbox, have it display nicely like the bottom thumbnail portion of your jqGalViewII Gallery type, but have the photos come up like the Lightbox style…”
This will be the purpose of v1.4, I need to set up some way to allow for a end user to edit the css on the fly. This feature will definitely allow for more/better inclusion of those particular plugins.

In Highslide particular case, since it is not a jQuery, and other gallery scripts that are not jQuery based, I need to build in “inlcude” scripts so that BSG will grab the correct stuff with out bloat. Have not totally figured out the processes just yet. But I “think” I have an idea of my approach.

“If you would like some help writing documentation or something else, let me know and I will do what I can.”
Heck yeah, as you can tell from my docs that I am not all that great with explaining my self. And since BSG is becoming quite complicated, I think I need to do a video tut also. I can set you up with editor status if you are interested.

Great plugin, works very well. Nice job! I like the choices for the gallery type and the snappy setup.

One problem, I cannot seem to edit a gallery after setup. I can create one just fine and it works great. But when I click on the “You can add more/delete images or edit the params” links nothing happens. Any ideas?

JJ, I missed a piece of code for people with php4; I updated the plugin (a new release of 1.3) can you grab that and let me know if it works for you?

Excellent! (my php ver is 5.1.6) That seems to work now. BTW, what is the optimal size/ratio for the images? I notice that they don’t always fit well in the thumbnails or when viewing singly …


Thankyou for your plugin. I tried to upload a picasa album and got the following error- “There seemed to be an error in the execution and most likely is because your server does not support “file_get_contents,” we will try an alternate method, please wait.” Nothing happenned after I waited. I tried typing in the URL, just using Grab but nothing worked. Can you help?

Can you post the url to the picasa account you are trying to use? Also, what version of the plugin do you have?

Here is the url to the picasa web album-

My version of the plugin is 1.3.


I just tried it again and it worked. I had to retype my picasa ID in instead of using the one that was stored with my user id–which apparently had a typo. I hope I didn’t waste too much of your time. Thankyou!

Cindy, glad you figured it out.

I’m also having the problem that was reported earlier.
The following message appears and nothing happens :

Loading your images, please wait…

Has there been a fix for this ? I’m using v1.3

I’m referring to a local path /home/user/images

Davy: I guess I should make “local path” more clear; that path needs to be a url, or an absolute path in regards to your url. Let me explain, if your “images” folder is at the root of your website url you would do or just /images/. I just noticed though that the “Loading your images, please wait…” message does not go away for this option, I will have to get that fixed. Can you try it with your url and let me know if that works for you?


My wordpress is available at
My images are available through http at

When using the Browsable Directory option, I’ve tried entering

in the “Your browsable directory URL” input field.

I just get the message Loading your images, please wait… , but nothing happens. (both on IE & Firefox).

First I was under the impression that “Your browsable directory URL” could be any path on the servers filesystem (something like /home/usermyImages).
But even with an HTTP accesable URL ( it doesn’t seem to work.

Unfortunately, I’ve only been using WordPress since today, and as a Java/J2EE developer, my knowledge of PHP is limited (understatement) so I can’t really debug things to see what goes wrong.

My wordpress is running on a apache2 server on Ubuntu

Hello Benjamin, it would be great if I could load a local directory, fi But the ldoading message does not disappaer an nothing happens. Just as Davy experiences. Hope you do have a solution. Thanks a lot.

When I go to my uploads directory for my wordpress I get a browsable page ( I don’t have anything uploaded there, but I did I would have folders with what ever I had uploaded. Are you getting something like this?

The code that is grabbing the image in this particular option is purely JavaScript, it is actually grabbing the browsable page and then finding all links and checking if they are links to folders or to images and will process each.

Here is a better example of what the code is expecting.

Robert: Oh, I see the issue, at least in your situation, Davy let me know if you are going with the same setup.

The problems is that I was going off the assumption that everyone would be using WordPress’s default upload function which takes the full size and resizes it to a thumbnail and appends .thumbnail to it. So if I upload benjamin.jpg, WP would take that image and duplicate it and give it an new name of benjamin.thumbnail.jpg. The system I have built looks at each image and looks for .thumbnail and sends that to the browser while matching that thumbnail image up with the full size image.

So, Robert, with you current set up and the current code it won’t work as expected. Not sure of a quick work around off the top of my head.

Benjamin, thanks, now it works with the default WP upload directory.
I have another question; how can I make BSG show a first image? Now it does not show a first image, only thumbnails. I use jQuery Gallery Viewer II: (don’t mind the layout of this site, it is a trial).

Robert: I must have included an older script for that one, can you grab the updated js code from and overwrite the js file in benjamin-sterling-galleries\galleryScripts\jqGalViewII and see if that works for you.

When going to my uploaded folder using http :

I can see the following files :

imported-photos-00074-resized.JPG 07-Jan-2008 20:54 605K
imported-photos-00074-resized.thumbnail.JPG 07-Jan-2008 20:54 22K

(file uploaded using the wordpress upload functionality).

The Browsable Directory still doesn’t work.

I’ve tried entering the following values

The uploading message stays on the screen as before.

When I use the option “Local Database” I am able to fetch thr images that I uploaded.

In the “Managed Galleries” tab, I’m able to previes my galleries just fine, but as soon as I write a post, and use the [gallery=1] tag, my post doesn’t have any content, the gallery isn’t shown, and my overal page layout is all messed up.

Drop me a mail if you have the time to look at my site, I can provide you with the necessary admin password through mail.

If you don’t have the time don’t worry, I’m pretty new to all of this so I’m probably doing something wrong.

Thanks, it works with the new js file.
But now I have another question. I would like to print the big image from jqGalViewII but also the thumbnails (I use WP-Print plugin). But only the big image is on the hard copy and not the thumbnails. The thumbs do show up in the preview. I noticed this is also the case when just printing the pages from your site; thumbs are not shown then also. Do you have a suggestion for a CSS (printstyle) tag for this? The thumbs are listed with ul and li.
Hope you can help me out, I would like to print hard copies of the complete gallery including thumbs. Thanks again.

Hi , I have a big problem. Now in my scenario i want to have a gallery for each posts under one of my categories. But there is a problem.. I can enter one post including one gallery. But when same page has another BSG gallery the Java script wont work… Have you noticed that ?

Hmmm so can you have multiple BSD galaries in multiple post in one page… I think this is a bug.. Please let me know why I’m having this problem

Davy: when I go to the pages you provided none of them load for me. So my guess that the issue has something to do with that. I am working on changing the approach of the “local” browsing feature. If you can drop me a line a benjamin.sterling [at] kenzomedia [dot] com with ever info I may need, I will take a look at your set up.

Robert: Can you post your url to the image gallery so I can get a better understanding of what is going on?

Nirosha: Sadly I did not even think about having multiple galleries on one page, I would not say this was a bug but a none feature. I am working on a huge release that I am hoping to have up in the next day or so and I will put in a fix for the ability to have multiple galleries.

Hello Benjamin,
This is de url:
So thumbnails will not be printed. I guess this is to be solved by a particular CSS style tag. But which one? I believe it does not work for the moment because the thumbs are in a list.

Awesome… I’ll be looking in to that .. Thanks.. Hmmm If you need any help let me know… I’m a Sri lankan student so might not have enough money to donate any he he.. But Will help you on testing and development any time you ask… Thanks again… BSG is brilliant.. !

Hi… i installed the version that you link to from your site. Everything seems to work fine…albums created etc. but when i try to use it in a post… i get nothing. I am new to wordpress…so maybe i am doing something wrong. What i did was create a post… and put in [gallery=1] nothing shows.. i know most plugins use some kind of [plugin] options and parameters [/plugin] style. So am i putting in the wrong tags? This looks wonderful and i have tried a million trying to find one that works… I hope this one does for me :) Thanks in advance for reading this.

n update… when i went to manage my gallery…. i saw my pics and such…. but there was also this message
Warning: main(): Failed opening ‘common/inc/JSON.php’ for inclusion

  1. (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php/PEAR:/usr/local/share/pear') in / on line 42

So maybe there is some problem with the version of my PEAR libraries on my server? I am running PHP Version 4.3.11


Sorry I didn’t reply before now to my comments about showing “comments” from Picasa galleries, and to writing documentation.

Here is what I would like your plugin to do, but I know you can do it better:) I haven’t switched over to yours just yet because you are still working on some of the stuff I want, but KPicasa, as I mentioned before, is not nearly as flexible as yours is already.

This plugin is reading my comments from the RSS feed and displaying them under the image. Then, if you are familiar with Lightbox, the title tag is used to display a message with the photo. Lightbox reads those comments when viewing the image larger. I am not crazy about how the comments are displayed below the thumbnails, but I am sure that is something I could edit if I felt that strongly about it right now.

With your albums, like jqGalViewII for example, couldn’t you have the comments read from Picasa display above, or below the image? Or as a tool tip if that wouldn’t add too much code to slow things down?

I don’t really have screen capture software, and really don’t have the time to mess around with something new. If you need something written up with screenshots, I can do that. Or if you agree with me, that video is a much more powerful medium and want to wait for someone to make a tut for you, that is fine too.

Yeah…..after I posted, I edited the HTML and CSS, so now it looks more how I would like it. Not crazy nice design, but simple and readable.

@Robert: Looks like you are using some sort of print plugin, is this true? Let me know what the set up is so I can experiment.

@Nirosha: Thanks for the kinds words, if you are fluent in any languages other the English, I may be needing help in the future with translations if you are interested.

@Michael: What version are you using for the plugin, unfortunately I had release a bunch in a very short period of time, I was not thinking. The issues you are referring to seems to be issues I fixed with the most recent version which 1.3.

@Jeff: The plugin will grab the caption from your picasa account for each image and adds them to both the title attribute for both image and link and to the alt attribute of the image. I know picasa also has a spot for comments, I am not sure if you are meaning them, but the plugin does not bring them in. The caption is what you have for the one image that says “Grrr, if I can only get this under the end table I can rule the world!”

Btw: great looking dog.

@ALL: I am working on another release that I will release on either Saturday or Sunday depending on how I feel about the testing. Not sure of the version number it will be because I took care of everything in my timeline and then made some really big changes that I think everyone will like. I will try to have a full change log on release. I made it so that you will not lose your current galleries, but you will have to make modifications to them to ensure they work 100%.

I actually did mean “caption” not comment, sorry, wrong use of terminology. The caption is what I would like to show up with the photo as I described before. I would actually think I wouldn’t want it in the alt tag. Maybe this is only specific to me and the type of captions I write, but semantically, my captions don’t necessarily describe the images.

The title tags are good though.

Thanks again so much for your hard work, can’t wait to try the new release this weekend. Exciting that you blew through your roadmap. Would like to see if your newest release will have the stuff I need to switch over from kPicasa.

Hello Benjamin.
About thet print thumbnails question. I use the WP-Print plugin for WordPress. But this does not make the difference. As I print your page ( the thumbnails on the hard copy (or PDF) appear as black blocks (depending on the bgcolor). So even from your own site it is not possible for me to print de thumbnails. I believe the problem is caused by IE not printing UL/LI listed images. But maybe you do have a solution for that, by adding some extra CSS tags in de stylesheet, or a separate print stylesheet? Thank you.


Any update on your plugin update?

KPicasa released 0.1.0 this weekend, I installed it and it broke, and the site is down too. Now would be great timing for a new release of yours…:)

@Robert: Sadly I am not very good with print stylesheets and what works for them; I wish I had a quick fix for you other then to suggest that you do create a print style sheet, I can give you the classes and IDs that you will need to work with for the jqGalViewII gallery.

@Jeff: I just posted 1.6.

Just tried the 1.6 version… Cannot activate it because of this message.

  1. Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_OBJECT_OPERATOR in /systems/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/benjamin-sterling-galleries/common/inc/bsg.php on line 491

I looked through the program…but i could not see what was giving the parse error…

Just some feedback

Also… i noticed that the version of your code on wordpress and your own website…were two different versions.


Awesome new look inside.

Couldn’t get things to work, but it is probably something simple…I entered my userid and saved that, and went to build gallery (Picasa), and when I hit the radio button, the menu doesn’t drop down before. I don’t know if that is a change, but even when I click “generate” it doesn’t do anything. I thought it might once it had my userid, but nada.

Anyone else having this issue? Anyone else tried it yet?

But as a start, the “about” section is looking for a file that isn’t in the directory – about.php?

I just downloaded and activated version 1.6. I had no problems activating but did when I try to build a gallery. I am testing locally and the old version 1.2 did work. But now I get:

2Warning: bsg::include(D:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\benjamin-sterling-galleries/common/js/core.js) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in D:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\benjamin-sterling-galleries\common\inc\bsg.php on line 293
4Warning: bsg::include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘D:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\benjamin-sterling-galleries/common/js/core.js’ for inclusion (include_path=’.;d:\Program Files\xampp\php\pear\’) in D:\Program Files\xampp\htdocs\wordpress\wp-content\plugins\benjamin-sterling-galleries\common\inc\bsg.php on line 293
Can you help with this? Were there files from previous versions that need to be there?
Thank you, jim

@Micheal: I tried to use a shortcut that bit me in the butt, can you download 1.6.2, this was fixed.

@Jeff: I am not sure I understand what you are saying? You click the radio button for picasa and you are not getting a “Picasa Options” form area appear; is that correct? Is your browser popping up any errors?

@Jim: I am still new with svn and did not explicitly tell it to include those files; I just uploaded the fix.

@All: I really appreciate your patience and helping get all these bugs out.

Yes, when I chose “Picasa” I wasn’t getting the basic / advanced options anymore. But whatever you did in version 1.6.2 fixed that….

Man, there is a ton of functionality in this, you have done a lot of work, even incorporating the lightbox and thickbox.

Still trying to figure it out, especially the display formatting seems really barebones.

Oh, you might want to change the text when you click Picasa, when you get to chose your options, it says Flickr.

Ok….after looking through what you have, I think this is what would personally work for me, what I would like to see.

I see, for Picasa, when you choose “Empty”, there is no surrounding Div, obviously…hence the “Empty”.

And when you chose “Div”, it surrounds each image in a div called bsgDivWrapper.

I would like the option to have all of the images surrounded in one div called bsgDivWrapper, not each image. This way, I could write rules to nicely display the images…

.bsgDivWrapper img{
border:1px solid #cfcfcf;

And they would also flow inline next to each other. As it sits right now, here is the rule I am using..

border:1px solid #cfcfcf;

Then I have an issue with the images not clearing, and me having to add a clear into every post.

I am just basically looking for formatting possibilities.

What do you think, do you think other users would use this too? Or am I being too specific here?

I guess maybe I don’t understand, with the jQuery Gallery Viewer II, the thumbnails don’t display in a nice box anymore…at least not for me. Should they?

Man… this thing looks like it will be wonderful. I have installed version1.6.2 everything in building albums and such seems to work fine. HOWEVER, neither the tag or the php work for me. I just get a blank posting with no error messages at all. I have the rich editor turned off and the tags and php were copied letter for letter…and i am using the matching album id’s. Is there something simple i am missing…cause this thing is some great programming work. Thanks in advance


What do you mean “tag” and “php”. I know what PHP is, but these terms, are you referring to the process of building an album from images you have locally, or are you connecting to an online photo reservoir like Picasa or Flickr?

@Michael: I think you posted to the wrong post here so I will reply here.

So, is it working correctly for you now?

I am not sure why you are not able to update an old post, that is very odd, I will need to test that myself.

@jeff: I can’t get to that link you provided. Can you post a link to a working example?

When Michael say tag, he is referring to the [gallery=1] tag and php is the code that can be used in the sidebar.

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t be able to “get to those links”, do you get an error 404 page or something?

Try this instead…I just posted it instead of keeping it as a draft.

This link should replace the post that starts out

Ok….after looking through what you have, I think this is what would personally work for me, what I would like to see.

I see, for Picasa, when you choose “Empty”, there is no surrounding Div, obviously…hence the “Empty”…..

Benjamin… thanks for such wonderful work. It is working on new posts… i have not figured out why it will not work on old posts. I am still testing out all the functionality you have added… a lot of work on your part. I thought i would do some testing just to see what all you did. The multiple users in picasa for instance. If i find any problems do you want them posted here? or somewhere else? A fine piece of work.

@Jeff: the link you provided requires me to be logged in to your site.

As for your request, after playing around with it a bit more yesterday, I think I will implement a few different “patterns” that a person can chose from. Granted when using the galView and galViewII plugins, the javascript with create the pattern that it needs to work correctly.

@Michael: Thanks for the kind words; My first guess on that issue is that it is the way WordPress does things, but I don’t know for sure till I get around to testing it.

Yeah, there is a lot of new functionality and I am working on a video tutorial to help explain what everything does.

Yeah, if you can post any and all issues here, that would be great. But you are not limited to issues, if you think that is something that it is missing, let me know and I will see what I can do to add it.

I see, so a draft isn’t public, I didn’t know that about WordPress.

The link in post 108 should work and demonstrate the CSS.


Is it possible to insert BSG gallery in a page instead of a post?

Does this work with WPMU? I cannot find any info. I tried it and it worked for a while although it looked different. I am also using the wp-contact-form-7 and the error message I am getting (when I put [gallery=1]) is:

PHP Fatal error: preg_replace() [function.preg-replace]: Fai\
led evaluating code: \nstr_replace("\\n", "<WPPreserveNewline />", "<script type=\\"text/javascript\\">(func\
tion($){$(document).ready(function(){$(\\"a.lightBox,#bsg1 a\\").lightBox({});});})(jQuery);</script>") in /home/REMOVED/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/wp-contact-form-7.php on line 71



mindugo: sorry to the late reply, you should be able to, but I have not really tested this. I will as soon as I can tho.

JJ: I have not used WPMU yet, so I don’t know how it works. By the looks like my plugin is doing what it is supposed to do and has higher priority over the form plugin you have. Really not sure what to do. I will try to test the this weekend and let you know if I find anything.

Warning: main(common/inc/JSON.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ishan/public_html/wp-content/plugins/benjamin-sterling-galleries/common/inc/build.php on line 42

Warning: main() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘common/inc/JSON.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/ishan/public_html/wp-content/plugins/benjamin-sterling-galleries/common/inc/build.php on line 42

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: json in /home/ishan/public_html/wp-content/plugins/benjamin-sterling-galleries/common/inc/build.php on line 43

I just can’t understand what this means. I have BSJ installed perfectly, it downloads all the data from Picassa and I can create my albums. However, whenever I go to the Manage Galleries->Click on my gallery, I get the error messages above.

Love your plugin, but how come I can’t post an image gallery with just one image? (I have my reasons for wanting this.)

Hi. I just started using your plugin and it is excellent. One question….I notice on your test site you have lightbox as an option for gallery style, however the version that I have downloaded and installed does not list lightbox as an option. WHy do I need to do to enable this?

@Kunal: Are you using the most recent version? 1.6.2? That issue should have been fixed in that version.

@BB: That was some legacy code prevents less then two images, if you want, you can edit the core.js file comment out line 493 – 496 and that will give you the ability to have one image.

@dprocket: Version 1.6.2 should have the lightbox plugin, is that the version you have?

Where can I get v 1.6.2? The latest version I see on your site is 1.3.

@dprocket: I forgot to update the link, you can grab it from the updated link from the top of this post.

thanks for the update. I downloaded the newest version and installed it (v1.6.2). I hate to be a bother, but I still seem to be having a problem with it. It do not see the lightbox or thickbox plugin in the installation. In browsing the directory structure, I can see that you have them sitting in the “galleryScripts” directory, but the only ones that show up in wordpress for me are the jquery ones and the cycle. Any ideas? Do I need to “activate” the lightbox or thickbox plugin somehow in a config file? Thanks.

Hello Benjamin Sterling. Your plugin is fantastic! I have a problem on my web site :(

I install the plugin and I do not have problem. Whene I m going to creare a gallery I recive an error message.

The step are ->

1) BSG -> # Build Gallery
2) Select Picasa
3) Option Advance
4) Add all data
5) I try to get Picasa Album ID with grab but the list is always empty, so I write the Picasa Album ID.
6) I click to “Get Gallery”
7) Error message:
“There seemed to be an error in the execution of the URL provided; please select another one and try again. If problem presists, please submit a bug.”

I have the follow version of …
wp -> 2.3.2
BSG -> 1.6.2
php -> 4.4.4

Thank for your work and bye :)

innovatel: What is the picasa user id you are using so I can give it a test?

dprocket: I can only imagine the “update” script did not work correctly and this is what I was afraid of when adding the other plugins like lightbox and thickbox. The best course of action if you don’t have any gallery items yet is to deactivate then re-activate the plugin. This should force the correct code/plugins into their places. Can you give that a try and let me know how it works out? Thanks for you patience on this.

Benjamin – thanks for the help. I am in the process of launching a brand new site to show off pics of my young children (my old hand-coded HTML site was impossible to maintain and keep updated, so your plug-on looks to be a grace gift). That said, I really have a great test environment going right now, where I am trying to figure out what I am going to do, how I am going to publish pictures etc. In other words, it was no problem at all to toss out what I had and reactivate the plugin. After following your instructions, it appears to have worked! I am very excited to begin working with WordPress and your great plugin more. My family all over will very much enjoy looking at these pictures. Thank you so much.

@Benjamin Sterling -> the userid is innoland – The url is ->

If I try to do the same step in your demo enviroment, I create the gallery without error.

Three questions:
1. Where do I style the images, so as to have a border around them?
2. Is there any way to limit the columns in a “Table” structure, like to 2 for example?
3. What does “Use Large Size for this gallery” mean?

1. (1.6.2) From the manage galleries page click on edit styles for the gallery you want to style and there is a textarea that you can play around with and style as you want. Sadly I did not think far enough ahead on this one so there is no comments to what styles will edit what element. If you view the source of the page you should be able to see what element has the “class” associated with it.

2. This feature was not fully realized because I did not think there would be a demand, but if you want to edit line 428 of the common/inc/bsg.php file changing $cols = 5; to $cols = 2; that will change the structure for gallery. That however will not change the “preview” when you are creating a gallery, that will be the common/js/core.js file at line 248. Note that I am working on a newer version that will allow you to change these values on the fly, but I don’t have an eta on the completion just yet.

3. The “User Large image” checkbox is also something that did not get fully realize, it is supposed to show a large image by default instead of the thumbnail. It was working during development, but it was hit or miss when I uploaded the newest version. This also is being worked on for the newest release.

innovatel: I am not sure why it is not working for you, my guess is that your server does not allow file function, which seems to happen a lot with today’s hosting, and I have not found a good work around for that just yet. Is there any browser errors?

Thank you for your quick and descriptive replies, Benjamin. I have solved my problems.

One request I have, from looking over your plugin, is for there to be a Picasa and/or Flickr link somewhere around the images. I know I can add it to the post myself, possibly below the gallery album post code, but having it included in the plugin would save me from that step. Maybe an option to have the link or not (i.e., a tick box) could be something to consider for future implementation.

I would not like to see an option to add the link to the actual album. This is why we have the plugin, to seamlessly add it into our WordPress blog. I feel like there are a ton of options in the administrative area already, let’s not make it overwhelming. That is, unless there are a ton of other people that really want this option.

BB/Jeff: I agree with both your points; that admin area is getting a bit complex and that is something I am working on for the next release, but an option to list “flickr/picasa albums” used would be a nice touch. I will put that on my list and will revisit that once I have the release I am working on done.

Picasa is where the highest resolution of my images is stored. If someone wants to download one of my images, that is where they should go, hence the need for the aforementioned link.

Benjamin, I have a new problem now. (I guess I spoke too soon when I said all was well.) Your gallery plugin displayed an image gallery just fine on my WP front page, but produced an error on a WP archive page. See a Test Gallery I posted here for what I’m talking about:

Benjamin, apparently upgrading WP wipes out the galleries and stored Picasa user ID. That’s what happened to me today, as I upgraded WP to version 2.3.3. Will that be fixed so it doesn’t happen the next time I upgrade?

I created another gallery to reproduce my aforementioned problem (same URL). From the entry div:

  1. (function($){$(document).ready(function(){$(&#8221;a.lightBox,#bsg1 a&#8221;).lightBox({});});})(jQuery);

Can you let me know how to fix this?

Hi Benjamin,

I’ve just loaded up the gallery plug in, and everything looks fine, but when I go to build a gallery from flickr, I get a “Photoset not found” error message. My api is good, and I’ve triple checked the photoset id. Am I missing a basic set of permissions somewhere?

BB: I am not sure why upgrading would have overwritten your gallery. I am going to have to test that and see if I can prevent that for future releases.

I am thinking that I am not hooking into all the correct filters, I am working on these fixes now. I am hoping to have a look at everything and fixed with a new release.

TKG: Can you email me off list with the photoset id you are using the user id you are using?

Benjamin, it isn’t just upgrading that wipes out all the galleries. Simply deactivating and activating your plugin causes this, too. At least that is the case with WP v2.3.3. I have a lot of Picasa pictures I want to display from my weblog and your plugin looks the most promising at this point. However, I can’t use the plugin at this point, when simply deactivating it wipes out all the tags and it doesn’t display correctly on WP archive pages. So, I’ll wait until you solve the two big problems I mentioned before going ahead with it. Good luck!

BB: I see, this is poor planning on my part; I always hated that when I uninstalled a plugin that all tables and data was left behind. I will implement a “Uninstall” button and change the deactivation.

TKG: I used that photoset that you sent me and it worked fine, can you post what your process is so that I can see what the issue may be?

On another note to all that are subscribed to this post, I am looking for testers for a new release of this plugin (actually I will be releasing it under a different name, will explain the reasonings later) that I should have ready in the next couple of days. If you are interested, post back here and I will add you to the “testers” list. Thanks in advance.

You want us to “post back here” if we’re interested in testing the new release, as opposed to emailing you? Well, I’m definitely interested. I love what you’ve done so far with this plugin and look forward to seeing it through to its workable end.

Thanks BB, yeah, post back here or to email, either way is good.

I’d like to test the new release.

Hi Benjamin,

Unfortunately I am receiving the same issue as a few people previously commented on – after typing in a path for my browsable directory, I receive the message “Loading your images, please wait…”

I have tried the absolute path, relative path and full path (eg http and so on) and it has me stumped. Any insight you could provide would be much appreciated.


Tracey: Sadly this has got me stumped too; I had talked via email with someone else that was having the same issue and his server, like most overseas (not America) hosting has certain features for working with files turned off. I am working on a new release that should do these checks from the start and should have better error checking where this is concerned.

I was hoping to have this release out shortly but work has been a killer the past two weeks and had very little time for cleanup.

@David: I will add you to the list, should be another couple of days before I have it ready.

Hey all,
I just posted the new release candidate for the PhotoXhibit plugin, yes, I changed the name. Why, well, Benjamin Sterling Galleries is not catchy and it really was not supposed to be what it is today so I figured a name change would be good.

If you are interested in testing the link is and comments/concerns/bugs can be post to

Looks like a promising plugin, but I’m having some issues getting this one set up (and it’s most likely something I’m doing wrong). When I get all the info entered in for a Flickr gallery to be set up, I hit the “get photos” button and it says it’s loading the images, but then the message at the top turns blue, then disappears with no success or error messages. Nothing happens. I check the gallery page and those no record of me attempting to set anything up whatsoever? Ideas?



Oh, and for the record, I am using Windows XP with Firefox. The plugin version is 2.04. Thanks!

Yeah I noticed this issue on someone elses server and it is cause by the server giving a false positive on an IF statement. I am working on the fix right now and should have it out tomorrow (Tuesday).

Can you post a comment to and subscribe to the comments and I will post when I have that fix up.


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