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April 17, 2008


Baltimore Refresh jQuery Presentation

by in jQuery,Refresh Baltimore,Tutorials on April 17, 2008 @ 8:12 am

On April 9th I had given a jQuery Presentation on the basics of using jQuery and how to punch up your site with some minor animations. All in all the presentation went over well and I got a lot of good questions. Since my days at UPS I’ve never been real good at creating Power Points to give my presentations. I’ve always been better at just showing, planning what I want to talk about and then just letting the presentation flow. Which can be good and bad depending on if the crowd asks questions. With that said, I did not create any Power Points slided, but since a got a good amount of emails asking me to post them, I decided to just create a screencast that covers everything we went over, answering the questions that were asked during the presentation.

So without rambling on anymore, here is the presentation screencast.

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2 Responses to “Baltimore Refresh jQuery Presentation”

“I’m going to be using Dreamweaver… and I’m okay with that.”

Great job, thanks for posting.

That was great – thanks for posting it. It really brought home a lot of the basics of jQuery to me – really appreciate it!

If I was going to suggest anything, it would be to post the js code snippet that you built. My old eyes were squinting trying to see the characters you were typing :)

It did give me a chance to make use of FF3’s zoom capability for the first time.

Seriously, thanks for the screencast – really informative. Cheers.

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