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November 28, 2007


Adding RSS feeds to the tip / sponsored link web clip Area in Gmail

by in gmail,Tips on November 28, 2007 @ 12:00 pm

Here is a quick tip for adding rss feeds of your favorite sites to the tip / sponsored link / web clip area of Gmail.

The area in question:

We will do this by going to “Settings” which will be at the top right of the page.  Once there go to “Web Clips” and in the “Search by topic or URL” input box which will be on the left side put or what ever feed you want, but since you are on my site, you should use my feed :).

Once it is done searching, you should have an “Add” button in the column just right of the input box you put the rss feed into, click that you are good to go.

And now, every time you log in to gmail, you will be able to toggle through all your feeds.

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2 Responses to “Adding RSS feeds to the tip / sponsored link web clip Area in Gmail”

Yep, everyone should add Benjamin’s feed first, and then if you want to add another one, go ahead and add the feed, like in the example =)

Thought you’d like that :)

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