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About Benjamin Sterling: well, he is the owner of KenzoMedia and KenzoHosting. He has played semi-pro football, but now has a computer based body, ie. sits on his butt all day and most of the time all night. He is the Senior Developer over at InformationExperts inc. and actually enjoying the work he is doing. He talks a lot, so working at home was a huge adjustment for him. He is jack of all trades, master of none type of guy. Sadly he can code in a large number of languages for no other reason then he was bored. Those languages include Javascript (helped by a great framework in jQuery), xhtml, xml, xslt (not great at it though), php, asp, (still a rookie), coldfusion, actionscripting, flash, and css, of course that was not in any particular order.

Now to the good stuff: He had his first child on January 4th, 2007 and she is all that he can ask for and she will be featured in just about every plugin (wordpress or jquery) that he develops. He has been married for over 4 years and still loves everyday he is with his wife.

More info will be provided when a free second is to be had…

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