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June 16, 2008


A Call For Feature Requests: An Events Manager

by in Wordpress plugin on June 16, 2008 @ 11:54 pm

One of the features I am being asked for lately from clients is to have an events manager created for them.  The requirements vary from project to project but there are quite a few items that they seem want.  Since I mainly deal with WordPress for these project I figured that there must be a plugin already create that will fit the bill and I have search the web and found many versions of a events manager, but none of them seem to just work.

With that said, I am looking to build one, I already have a decent footprint down but I know there are many features that should be included.  Mind you, they should not all be turned on at first, but the end user should be able to turn some on and some off to fit their needs.

So my question to you is, what features would you like to see in a WordPress Events Manager plugin?  I have quite a few ideas myself but I don’t want to taint your opinion.  Leave your comment below and lets discuss.

If you are interested in helping in anyway, let me know and maybe we can sync up.

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16 Responses to “A Call For Feature Requests: An Events Manager”

Ok, a few requests :)

* Use UI datepicker + selectables to allow for the selection of one, two or a range of dates for an event
* Use UI tabs to show more than one calendar on a page
* Microformatted events with hCalendar.

@Tane Nice, I’ve already got the UI datepicker in there, but the Tabs and Microformats are a great idea.

I’ve actually wanted something for allowing me to post my lineup for my radio show each week. I’ve kinda done this by hand all along. If it was something that allowed me to post some names of people who are on the bill and maybe the date and time they are performing I could totally use this. Then, I would just need some way to manage it and show each upcoming event on my homepage listing the date and the people performing.

@Eric this is how flexible I think this should be, not just an events system but a “gig” system. Trying to keep it simple will be tricky.

Well keep me posted on the progress. I’m anxious to try it out. Are there any other plugins out there you’re aware of that might fit my need?

@Eric none that I would recommend, I never had any luck with any of them.

How about a cron job to aggregate RSVPs from places such as upcoming, facebook, meetup, etc? It’s a pain having to track who’s coming to an event across several platforms

@Dan that is a nice idea, I’ll have to look at those APIs and see how they work. It would be nice to have your site easily sync up.

Hi Benjamin,

I have been working on something similar and and since you seems to have got started before me on this I don’t think it worth duplicating the effort rather join the effort to make one better.

I can put forward some of the requirements that some of my client requested.

Let me know what you think.

@Azizur Not a problem, send over what you have. I am still working out some logic, but if you are interested in helping out, I have some items you can work on. Let me know either way on those requests.

@Benjamin Sterling:

I’ve also been mulling an idea for something like this over recently, although I hadn’t really started any real code. In particular, something I’ve been thinking about for another one of my plugins is a way for people to easily add fields. For instance, the ability to add a field called room number to their appointments without the program explicitly knowing about room numbers in advance.

In any case, send me an e-mail (or just drop a line on my site).

~ Christopher

Also, off topic: I notice you using the @ syntax. Have you seen the Comment Connection plugin (disclaimer: I am not related to the author)? I’ve actually found it quite convenient.

Careful options about repeating events:
The 3rd Wednesday of every month.
The last Sunday every other month.
The first Tuesday after the first Monday every X month (ie: US election days.)
X Days before/after any of these things.
Every Monday, but NOT on {add a user-input list of exceptions.}

Another idea: Ability to fetch via RSS or iCal, or somesuch.

Views of calendar based on category, or tag, or user, etc.

Just some ideas.

I need an events manager plugin that would include a widget for listing the events on the sidebar, that would include an option to link events to their own page for more description, that would allow anyone to register, and that would either let them pay for the event (think webinars?) or at least integrate with another plugin that does so.
Hope that makes sense from a non-techie!

I just found this post by popping over from Ozh’s site and was wondering how you are getting on with your plugin.
I’m the author of the Vent plugin in this years competition which does a few Event management bits and pieces (though not as many as I would have wanted due to time constraints) and wondered if you fancied having a chat about functionality with the idea of maybe merging some code / ideas.

@Barry have not seen you plugin but will grab a copy to have a look-see. My plugin is semi-stalled right now do to lack of time. You can take a look at the code if you want at

For the most part it is functional, with very little bells and whistles. I am using a version of it on a clients site, but that version has even less features.

Feel free to content me thru the contact me link above and I will be sure to respond.

I would love to see you come up with a good events manager. I’ve tried pretty much everyone out there, but never found one that really satisfied my needs. Here are some items I would love to see:

* Supporting multiple calendars/categories
* Sipmle Ajax editing AJAX, drag and drop functionality would be very helpful), * External ical feed support (i.e. google calendar)
* Location support (managing locations, so you can reuse them), display options
* RSS & iCal feeds for the calendars
* Recurring events support
* Template Tags and Post tag fuctions/options

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